CommOCEAN 2020 aims to provide communication skills and inspiration to communicators across a range of experience levels. Many sessions are suitable for all, but some elements of the programme will run simultaneously and are tailored for those looking to build their communications skills and to those looking to move their communications to the next level. A recording of the sessions will be available on demand after the conference.

The Conference will start on Tuesday, 1st December and finish on Wednesday, 2nd December.

The CommOCEAN 2020 conference will have the following categories:

  • 12 min oral online presentation on (marine) science communication activities, 
  • 1-hour interactive online training/ workshop on (advanced) communication skills building or on (marine) science communication, 
  • “Show and Tell” visuals presenting (marine) science communication activities. The “Show and Tell” exhibition is accessible here.


Draft conference programme

Find the final conference programme here (pdf). You can a short description of the presentations and workshops here (link).

Please be aware that timing and order may change closer to the conference.


1 December 2020 (10:00 – 16:00 CET)

09:50 – 10:00     Log in by participants

10:00 – 11:00     Welcome and opening addresses

Lucy Cox, EMBCP Chair

Jan Marcin Węsławski, IOPAN

Gilles Lericolais, EMB Chair

Keynote address: Vinicius Lindoso, UNESCO/IOC + Q&A (tbc)

Practical information: Tymon Zielinski, IOPAN

11:00 – 11:30     Coffee break

11:30 – 12:30     Breakout sessions

Breakout 1

Amy Dozier - The Value Of Visual Science Communication

Raquel A. F. Neves - Marine Science Communication and Local Community: a Brazilian Case Study

Sonya Agnew - The ECOSTRUCTURE Observatory – a novel online citizen science mapping tool to engage coastal communities

Breakout 2

Gonzalo Bravo - Dive into our ocean: discovering the underwater world of your own city (tbc)

Bart De Smet - RV Simon Stevin digital twin

Gavin Arneill - Can Twitter help to increase societal discourse about anthropogenic underwater noise

Breakout 3

Camilla Brendon - Visualising Ocean Human Relationships

Noirin Burke - The Irish Ocean Literacy Network “We Are Islanders” Campaigns - promoting awareness of the Sea across the Island of Ireland

Lucy Cox - Making a MOOC – lessons learned

Breakout 4

Marta Correia - Awareness activities for the youngest to promote fisheries without litter – do they work?

Cushla Dromgool-Regan - My Explorers Seashore Guide Workbook

Mariola Norte Navarro - Communicating the unexpected: when climate change is not to blame

12:30 – 13:00     Lunch break

13:00 – 14:00     Show and tell exhibition

14:00 – 15:00     Breakout workshops

Workshop 1: Marine sci-comms – what’s our recipe for success? Facilitator: Lucy Cox

Workshop 2: How to connect marine science to society using the European Atlas of the Seas Facilitators: Andree-Anne Marsan and Nathalie Van Isacker

Workshop 3: Speaking to Mermaids and Pirates! Engaging with future marine experts Facilitator: Nicola Bridge

15:00 – 15:30     Coffee break

15:30 – 16:00     Plenary session and close day 1

Jon Clay, SilverBack Films + Q&A

Close day 1: Tymon Zielinski, IOPAN


2 December 2020 (10:00 – 16:30 CET)

09:50 – 10:00     Log in by participants

10:00 – 11:00     Welcome and keynote addresses

Lucy Cox, EMBCP Chair

Maija Sirola, BONUS EEIG

Angela Schultz-Zehden, SUBMARINER Network

Practical information: Tymon Zielinski, IOPAN

11:00 – 11:30     Coffee break

11:30 – 12:30     Breakout sessions

Breakout 5

Jill Burgess - Innovations in Coastal Management Technology communicated through Water Pistols and Poetry

Steve Hall - Underwater Technology Podcast

Paulina Pakszys - How do you choose the best videoconferencing software that suits your specific needs and goals?

Breakout 6

M. Carmen Garcia – Oceanicas: Women and Oceanography (tbc)

Aurora Ribeiro - #IDiveAtHome - marine education during COVID-19 times. How can we communicate the sea and its issues to a locked down public that is dealing with a worldwide pandemia?

Kathrin Kopke - Engaging Project Stakeholders during COVID 19 – the JONAS Underwater Noise Workshop

Breakout 7

Jessica Giannotti  - Marine science is beautiful

Louise Ras - Expedition Sea the Future, a journey for the dissemination of Ocean Literacy (tbc)

Frances Camille Rivera - Communicating marine science to coastal communities: A case study in Negros Oriental, Philippines

Breakout 8

Francis Strobbe - 10 years of EMODnet in 10 minutes! How to communicate and celebrate a decade of achievements

Tymon Zielinski - Open Science Days, an example of a diverse approach to communicate about ocean and climate change

Izabela Kotynska-Zielinska - I Live by the Sea Summer School

12:30 – 13:00     Lunch break

13:00 – 14:00     Breakout sessions

Breakout 9

Hester Whyte - Diving into Art, Science, Technology & Knowledge: Catching A Wave

Clara Antonia Kloecker, J. Massing, I. Osemwegie,  A. Roesner - What hampers early career scientists to communicate effectively within academia and beyond

Jan Seys - Marine Citizen Science in Europe: state of the art, challenges & opportunities

Breakout 10

Chloe Russell - Kalerrâ - How can we use sonifications to create lasting connections to the environment?

Charline Guillou - BLUE DiplomaSEA, a serious game about high seas governance

Rebecca Lahl - Designing and disseminating effective Policy Briefs

Breakout 11

Carla Elliff - Marine science communication by women in Brazil: the Chat with Neptune experience

Andrei Polejack - Marine Science Communication as a pillar of Ocean Science Diplomacy

Chanikya Naidu, S. Abuthagir Iburahim - Disseminating Scientific Infographics via social media for engaging Peoples in Fisheries science

14:00 – 15:00     Breakout workshops

Workshop 4: Inclusive communication – How Ocean Literacy can be accessible to all Facilitator: Dina Eparkhina

Workshop 5: Communicating Ocean Science for Impact (IPSO and OneOcean) Facilitator: Natalie Hart

Workshop 6: Going digital: using virtual tools to foster marine citizenship Facilitator: Sara Mynott

Workshop 7: 5 Social Media Strategies to Generate Global Reach on Marine Communications Facilitator: Joanne Sweeney

15:00 – 15:30     Coffee break

15:30 – 16:30     Plenary session and close of conference

Kira Coley, ECO magazine

Larissa Milo-Dale, WWF European Policy Office

Announcement of Show and Tell exhibition winners & Close - Tymon Zielinski, IOPAN