Programme A - Media Relations:

Working with media - Kira Coley (Eco magazine and The Chatty Scientist)

Writing for your audience, Sara Mynott (University of Exeter)
This talk will guide you through the fundamentals of finding your target audience and, using a variety of case studies, show you how to reach them most effectively. From press releases for children to high level policy briefs, we’ll walk through the many ways to ensure your content is right on target.

Final Session TBC

Programme B - How to create phone video that looks and sounds professional 

John Whyte-Venables leads on multimedia skills training at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and is a specialist in phone video. A former BBC science correspondent he was a Press Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge and has written three books on the media, including ‘Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists’.  He is an alumnus of Southampton University, and as a keen scuba diver has participated in biota surveys in the Caribbean and Sulu seas.

In this session you will gain an insight into the power of phone video as a communication tool, and how to plan, shoot and edit a simple but effective video for social media use.

Programme C - Communications at sea:

Creating immersive expedition blogs with scrollytelling - Marie Heidenreich (Projekt Management Juelich)
“Scrollytelling” is an online storytelling technique which offers an immersive experience through different interactive storytelling elements. It is a very effective way to communicate marine science, since the user gets to deep-dive into a visually captivating and interactive story. The participants will get to watch in a live-hack how a multimedia story evolves. Marie Heidenreich will also explore ways to employ scrollytelling tools in expedition blogs as she did on the cruise SO253 with research vessel SONNE:

The immersive Clockwork Ocean -Tanja Baschek (HZG)
Dive in! Fly high! The “Expedition Clockwork Ocean” takes you on an unprecedented scientific journey. Witness coastal science from a completely new angle! Our immersive concept allows viewers to experience the realm of science up close in a tantalising visual experience. Fulldome screenings, virtual reality applications and media efforts are combined to make this project wholly unique, not only in the field of science but also in communication. Plunge into the new spheres of science communication!

The NICO-expedition: jumpstarting and maintaining Dutch ocean awareness - Kim Sauter (NIOZ)
The large-scale Netherlands Initiative Changing Oceans (NICO), has revived the Dutch sea-going research community and raised public awareness. On each of the twelve legs, three berths were occupied by journalists and artists ‘in residence’, generating articles, pictures, videos, radio broadcasts and even music on a variety of platforms. After the cruise, how can we maintain momentum with stakeholder groups for ocean research and renewal of the ageing national ocean-going research facilities?